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Is your garden looking a bit tired and worn out after weathering a few years in our Brisbane climate?

Does your existing mulch looked sparse, washed out and needs to be replaced?

If you are looking for a quality Brisbane tree removal company that can provide you with quality mulch, then call us today. Our team at Oasis Tree Management are here to help. Whether it be tree removal, tree lopping, maintenance,stump grinding, A grade forest mulch or tree pruning, why not consider us for your next garden project.

Oasis Tree Management can provide A Grade Organic Forest Mulch Delivery to Brisbane or you can arrange your own pick up from our Brisbane Southside location.


Mulching your garden not only looks great, but it has many benefits for keeping your garden fresh and healthy! Adding mulch to your garden has a number of benefits.

  • It inhibits weed germination and growth.
  • It helps to protect your garden by acting like a blanket keeping essential nutrients in the soil.
  • It helps to keep the soil and plant roots cooler.
  • It helps retain moisture which protects your plants from drying out,
  • and reduces water loss through less evaporation.

When considering mulch, you can’t just go with the cheapest. If mulching isn’t done correctly you could find that tannins from the mulch end up making your garden areas look worse, and the plants a lot worse off than they do now!

Quality Forest mulch is created from tree pruning, canopy reduction and tree removal. Oasis Tree Management don’t just provide regular old garden mulch, we provide A grade forest mulch, that will ensure your garden beds look great, and your plants are healthy!

Our A grade forest mulch is sold at a competitive $25 per cubic meter, so not only is it a quality product but great value for money. Oasis Tree Management can also deliver our forest mulch to some Brisbane locations for a small  delivery fee, however if you live locally around Logan Village, Jimboomba and surrounding suburbs delivery may be free of charge!

To have your mulching done professionally, reliably and economically, simply phone Oasis Tree Management today on (07) 5546 3958 to book your order.

“Just want to say, thank you so much for the professionalism you have shown. Bruce turned up when he said he would, you followed up with the quote and then doing the work that was promised.”


Tarragindi, Brisbane

Why should you consider Tree Lopping / Removal?

  • For diseased, dying or potentially dangerous
  • Severely damaged by weather
  • Blocking your desired construction area
  • Harboring pests
  • An older tree that may be causing damage to the foundations of your home or underground pipes

What if your tree is protected?

We can assist you with our Council Liaison Service. Before removing or pruning a tree on your property you may need to acquire council approval. There are trees and land in Brisbane that are protected by Council for various reasons – to find out whether your trees may be protected please visit our fact sheet here. If you are looking to remove a tree on your property that is protected, we can help you with our complimentary city council liaison service. The team at Oasis will:

  • Find out if your tree is protected
  • Help you fill out the relevant paperwork
  • Send it off for approval
  • Provide you with an Arborist report if it is needed

Is your tree suffering from storm damage?

We provide an Emergency Storm Damage Call Out Service. If a tree on your property has been affected by rough weather please call us on 07 5546 3958 and we will assist you to the best of our ability. Storm Damage Service is available 7 days a week.

Our Service Area for Tree Removal:

The majority of our clients are based in Brisbane Southside. Especially:

Carina Heights | Mount Gravatt | Holland Park | Camp Hill | Calamvale | Forest Lake

If you are simply wanting a quick quote for tree lopping Brisbane Southside please phone 07 5546 3958

We can also help you with:

Tree Pruning | Land clearing | Mulch | Firewood | Stump grinding | View our tree services here

Why work with Oasis Tree Management?

We don’t leave a mess. Branches, leaves, twigs, seeds and all sorts of debris can cover the drop area when we are finished pruning or removing a tree for you. The Oasis team always clean up as we go to ensure the best possible finished product.Brisbane tree clearing job for another happy customerWe turn up when we say we will. Surprisingly this is huge for the tree lopping industry. We have had more clients than we can count call us for a quote because another company they have contacted has not turned up. It is our promise to you that if we say we will be there – we will!


We care about Australian Wildlife. We are always on the look out for the little guys that may inhabit a tree we are pruning or removing and will stop a job if we come across a birds or possum nest until they can be safely relocated.

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