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Advice and care for your trees in brisbane

AS 4373 – 2007 Pruning of Amenity TreesClick here for a brief overview of the standard.

Oasis Tree Management adhere to correct pruning methods as they reduce the risk of branch failure, premature death, infection and hazard development. The objective of the AS 4373 Standard is to provide a guide of uniform pruning procedures and practices, in order to minimize the adverse impact of pruning trees. Visit the link above to view a fact sheet about the standard provided by a NSW Council.


Protected Vegetation in Brisbane – Visit the Website.

Under Brisbane’s Natural Assets Local Law 2003 protected vegetation can be council vegetation, waterway and wetland vegetation, significant native vegetation and significant urban vegetation. It is important to ensure the trees on your property aren’t protected before contacting an arborist. We have put together a fact sheet on protected trees in Brisbane, alternatively you can visit the council website directly via the link above.

Free Native Plants Program Brisbane Council – Visit the Website.

The Brisbane City Council offers this free planting program for residents, body corporates, schools, clubs and registered community groups. The purpose of this program is to encourage sustainable gardening with native Brisbane plants.

Heritage Areas – Visit the Website.

Heritage trees are protected in Brisbane, you cannot remove or prune a heritage listed tree without council approval. To find out whether your property is in a heritage area you can use the Brisbane Heritage Register via the website link above.

Energex Trees and Powerlines Fact Sheet – View it here.

It is important to maintain trees near powerlines as they can be dangerous when hidden from sight due to leaves or branches being in the way. Energex is responsible for maintaining the trees on public property, however the home owner is responsible for maintaining trees on their property. Oasis can prune trees on Brisbane properties to ensure that they do not interfere with powerlines.