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Tree Pruning Brisbane Southside



Does your yard need a tidy up from the overgrown trees and gardens you have?

Do your trees drop their leaves in your gutters and drains causing them to clog and overflow in the rain?

Tree pruning or tree removal is the best solution to prevent gardens from becoming unmanageable, untidy and a problem for your Brisbane home. When it comes to tree pruning, it is important to use a qualified arborist, as we are trained in correct pruning methods under Australian Standards.

Using incorrect methods can weaken your trees structure – leaving them potentially fragile and dangerous. How often after a storm, do you see on the news images of fallen trees damaging houses and cars? Why put your property or family at risk? Professional tree pruning not only prevents trees from becoming unmanageable but also allows your garden to really flourish by opening up the canopy and letting more light in.

When should you consider tree pruning?

  • Visibly damaged or dying areas
  • Planned construction, renovation or extension
  • To remove tree branches and leaves from your gutters
  • To let more light into your garden
  • To prevent storm damage
  • To prevent vermin from entering your roof
  • To enhance the visual beauty of your garden
  • To remove branches overhanging your neighbour’s yard

Why use Oasis Tree Management for your vegetation maintenance needs?

  • We don’t leave a mess.
  • We turn up when we say we will.
  • We are insured to 20 million dollars.
  • We care about Brisbane trees and we are not loppers.

If you are need experienced tree pruning done at your Brisbane property, don’t attempt it yourselves – call the experts at Oasis Tree Management and let us ensure the job is done to suit your property, your budget and your trees!

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“BEST Tree and Landscape Service Company in Brisbane Southside!”

Client: Steve Priebe