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Why should you consider Tree Removal?

  • Have you got a diseased, dying or potentially dangerous tree.
  • A tree severely damaged by weather, or harbouring pests.
  • Or maybe you have a new construction to be built and a tree is in the way.
  • An older tree that may be causing damage to the foundations of your home or underground pipes.

Are you aware if you can legally remove the offending tree? Your tree may be protected under council legislation. Your property may have protected vegetation if it:

  • is located near or in the Brisbane River or a waterway corridor
  • is located in a bushland area or rural area
  • contains large trees even in an urban area
  • has heritage values.

If you are looking to cut down trees on your Brisbane property and they are protected, we can help you with our complimentary city council liaison service. The team at Oasis will:

  • Find out if your tree is protected
  • Help you fill out the relevant paperwork
  • Send it off for approval
  • Provide you with an Arborist report if it is needed

Protected Vegetation in Brisbane can be broken into four categories:

  • Council vegetation
  • Waterway vegetation
  • Significant urban vegetation
  • Significant native vegetation

These categories of vegetation are protected under Brisbane City Council’s Natural Assets Local Law 2003. Basically there are trees and plants that come under this law as protected species due to various reasons. This means that you cannot prune or cut down trees that are protected, without council approval. If you would like assistance to apply for council approval, we can help you, Just phone us! 07 5546 3958


Tree removal can be expensive if it is a complex job that requires specialised work. Tree removal can also be very reasonable if the job is simple and straightforward.

Oasis tree removal services range from $300 to $3000 for one tree, so as you can see it is impossible to give an accurate answer without assessing a job.

The tree removal industry is not regulated therefore prices can differ A LOT. You may receive a quote for $500 and $1500 from two different companies, for the same job! It all depends on whether a company has qualified arborists, is properly insured and provides an excellent service as opposed to the opposite.

We recommend you receive 3 quotes for your tree removal needs, this should give you a accurate

idea on what the job should cost.

There are many factors that will contribute to the price of removing a tree on your property:

  • Site Access and drop area
  • Complexity of removal
  • Size of tree
  • Health of tree
  • Personal requirements

To be able to give you an accurate and fair tree removal quote, we need to assess all variables onsite and preferably speak with you in person (however we understand this isn’t always possible).

We also do not like to quote tree removal via photos as we cannot get the full picture of the work area and the health of the tree. An Oasis Tree Removal Specialist will really need to perform an onsite tree inspection to quote accurately. We will work in with you to find the most suitable time to visit your property and assess the tree, even if this means on a Sunday!

To arrange for an onsite inspection at your Brisbane property, or to discuss your tree removal needs, please phone Bruce on 0418 734 101.