Oasis Tree Management services include tree stump removal for Brisbane clients using our specialised stump grinder.

A stump grinder is a machine with strong steel teeth that mulch the tree stump to around 5cms (2 inches) below ground level in as little as 15 minutes depending on the size of the stump taking the back breaking labour out of manually removing a tree stump.

Here are 5 good reasons why tree stumps should be removed by a professional tree stump grinder:


1. Hazardous
Old tree stumps can be an obstacle and a trip hazard if left in your yard or garden and can damage lawn mowers and other gardening equipment.

2. Unsightly
Trees that have been cut leaving a stump are an eyesore, particularly if the stump is in a state of decay.

3. Encourages pests
Decaying tree stumps are a haven for unwanted pests such as cockroaches, beetles, termites, wood boring insects and ants.

4. Keeps growing
Sometimes new growths of the very tree you cut down will continue to sprout from a tree stump until it is removed properly.

5. Takes up valuable space
Tree stumps, if left in a garden bed or in the middle of a yard, can take up precious space, particularly if the garden or lawn area is small.

If you are sick and tired of that decaying tree stump in the middle of your front or back yard, let us remove the tree stump for you with Oasis Tree Management’s affordable, reliable stump grinding service. Call our friendly and knowledgeable team today! 07 5546 3958 quick quote here. or get a

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