The dictionary meaning for lop is ‘to cut off’ or ‘to eliminate as unnecessary or excessive’. When relating this to tree lopping, it is the most common term searched when our clients are trying to find someone to prune or remove a tree for them.

While in the literal sense, what we do is ‘cut off’ branches, limbs and deadwood from trees for our clients. We believe that we are not tree loppers.

To put it simply, ‘tree loppers’ in our industry are only concerned with getting rid of trees and not with the preserving or managing trees using proper practices to Australian standards.

As there is an ever-increasing number of tree lopping companies in Brisbane, in an industry that isn’t heavily regulated, there are a lot of companies forming that don’t place any value on our trees or the way in which they are removed.

In other words, any man with a chainsaw can call himself a tree removal specialist and provide services without proper training.

We believe it’s important to communicate this with our clients as tree removal or lopping isn’t a simple or straight-forward procedure. Trees removal or pruning that is not handled with care, precision and skill can end up damaging your property or belongings.

This is why you should always look for an Aborist when removing or pruning trees on your property.

3 Reasons why we are not Brisbane Tree Loppers


1. Our director, Bruce Herlihy, is a Cert III Arborist (RTA # 31528 Cert # 03208) who runs each job onsite.

2. We have public liability insurance to 20 million dollars. View our certificate here.

3. Our equipment is maintained daily, to ensure it works safely when onsite.


Choose an Arborist, not a lopper. Call Oasis Tree Management Today! 07 5546 3958

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