Storm Season in Queensland Prepare Your Trees

Queensland is known for its beautiful tropical weather in the summer, but the fast approaching storm season could spell disaster for your property should you fail to take the necessary action.

Storm season in Queensland lasts from November to February and we don’t want to sound dramatic, but with storm season comes forceful winds and lightning that moves through the region rapidly, with exceptional power.

Reducing hazards, particularly those posed by large trees on your property can prevent structural damage and personal injuries. We take a look at the best ways to care for your trees before the stormy weather arrives.

Care for Your Trees before the Storm Season

Trees are precious and can add spectacular depth and shelter to any property. Unfortunately, larger trees do require ongoing maintenance to develop a strong root system and produce a lush appearance so they don’t become a hazard. Storms in Queensland are fierce. From hail and floods to strong winds, trees are often the first to suffer damage and cause damage too.

Wind can uproot older trees causing surrounding property damage. Branches pelted by rain and hail can snap and break windows or cause serious injuries. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to prevent your trees from becoming living hazards.

1. Examine Your Trees

A tree that appears sparse or tends to lose its branches quickly and easily in strong wind or rain should be pruned or trimmed by a professional arborist. By removing weak and dead branches, the tree is able to maintain its integrity upon storm weather.

Native trees from eucalyptus to hoop pines can best withstand a tropical storm but should be trimmed professionally if situated on a neighbouring boundary or growth has not been safely managed.

2. Call a Brisbane Arborist

Before the onset of the wet season, consult with an experienced and professional arborist. A thorough inspection of trees can determine whether they pose a risk or remain healthy and sturdy enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Cracked limbs, decay, poor growth, and branches located near the property are signs that have to be managed by a professional Brisbane tree company, like Oasis Tree Management. You can learn more about our tree services here.

3. Consider Protected Trees

It is important to remember that indigenous trees and particular species of trees can be protected under local law in Queensland and the surrounds. For lopping or pruning, you may require a permit issued by your local council.

Never remove a significant native tree without determining if it is protected. Your arbor team should be able to advise you if they suspect a tree may be protected, however, it is always safest to contact your local council, and provide them with your address. With this information they will be able to advise you if there are any protection layers showing on your property.

Take Action Before the Storm Season Arrives

Do not wait to maintain your trees or attempt to remove a tree yourself. Call the Oasis Tree Management team today 07 5546 3958. We’re equipped, knowledgeable and happy to help in all aspects of tree pruning, removal and management procedures.

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