When it comes to picking a tree for your yard, it is important to make your considerations carefully. A bad decision for your yard can lead to a problems later on, or unexpected maintenance / removal costs.

Trees supply families with a lifetime of beauty, clean and fresh air, shade, as well as shelter. They also help to give your yard a sense of permanence and add an aesthetic value to your property; there is nothing quite like having a majestic tree as a statement in your yard.

The right tree planted at the right location can speak volumes and it can be a great investment. On the other hand, the wrong tree can cause issues such as blocking your access to sunlight and they can also act as a hazard.

As such, it is critical that you take your time when picking a tree so that you can select one that is right for your yard. If you are currently in the process of landscaping your yard, or looking for the perfect tree, here are out tips:

1. Think about your reasons for wanting to plant a tree

People plant trees in their yards for a range of reasons including casting a shade, enhancing the beauty of the landscape, growing edible fruit, to act as a habitat for animals, provide a playing spot for the family, and so on. Determining your reasons will help you assess which type of tree is appropriate for your yard.

2. Determine the growing conditions

When picking your tree, you need to consider the conditions in which the tree will grow. Some of the things that you have to keep in mind include:

• Light: figure out how much light you experience between full morning sun and shade.
• The climate: you need a tree that can survive in your climate. If you are unsure, check with your local nursery or Oasis Tree Management.
• The soil type: different trees thrive in different types of soil.

3. Consider your space

You need to ensure that you have sufficient room for your tree for it to reach its mature spread and height. We’ve been called many times to remove trees that are too large for their environment, as the planter has not considered how the tree will grow.

Remember to check for any utilities that may be buried underground when measuring or picking your preferable space. If your tree has a large bark or deep roots, it could end up causing problems with the foundation of your house, pool, shed slab etc.

4. Pick local

It is more advisable to pick a tree for your yard that grows locally. You can find a list of tree species that thrive in your region easily from various resources online, like this one from the Brisbane Council.

Have a tree on your property that has outgrown your yard that you need pruned or removed? Contact us today. 

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