Oasis Tree Management is your specialised tree lopper, removal and pruning service. Providing specialised tree maintenance, Oasis has been working with trees in Brisbane, Southside and Logan since 2014.

As highly professional arborists, we perform expert management of individual trees, shrubs and all types of woody vegetation. With a passion for maintaining the beauty and protection of indigenous plants in Australia, Oasis Tree Management came to fruition.

Having collaborated with businesses, property developers, homeowners and local council, we have created an esteemed reputation and created customized plans for safe tree pruning, lopping and complete removal of problem trees in Brisbane and its surrounds.

Professional Tree Services for Pruning, Maintaining and Removing Large Trees in Brisbane

At Oasis Tree Management, we adopt an educational approach when pruning, maintaining and removing large trees in Brisbane. Australia’s trees can grow prolifically. Specimens can include smaller shrubs to large overgrown trees with impressive trunks and canopies. Managing the healthy condition of trees on your property is no small feat. It requires the correct use of equipment, specialized technique and knowledge of the tree species.

With the care of a professional arborist, even the most mature trees are provided essential maintenance to grow beautifully. The correct tree pruning in Brisbane, eliminates weaker branches that could easily snap off and cause damage in strong winds. Expert arborists can identify diseased areas and remove poorly developed stems to strengthen and establish even the largest trees.

Oasis Tree Management consists of a team of professional arborists. We are ready to take on your tree pruning and tree removal projects in Brisbane and Logan.

We Work with the Following Top 5 Large Trees in Brisbane:

Gum tree

Commonly referred to as the Gum Tree, the Eucalyptus is an astonishing tree that can grow rapidly and to the monstrous size of 160m. Over 300 species of Eucalyptus exist in Australia.


The Royal Poinciana is an upright ornamental tree producing deep red leaves in the fall and winter. It is tropical and drought tolerant, producing masses of flowers and leaves in the shape of a soft fern. It can reach 12m.


The Jacaranda is the most loved and widely known native Australian tree. It displays the most beautiful indigo spring blossoms with varieties also known as the blue Jacaranda. It grows to 15m with many older trees growing much taller.

Leopardwood tree

The Flindersia maculosa is referred to as the Leopardwood tree owing to its spotted colored bark. The Leopard Tree resides in the more arid Australian locations among dry sandy and stone covered plains. Its average growth is between 6 and 10 meters, but it can reach well over 15 meters.

Fig tree

The Australian Fig Tree is an incredible tree that can grow to 60m in height! These Australian giants possess leathery dark green leaves and produce fruits that attract many types of bird species. The native tree is prolific and because of an invasive root system, is unsuitable for the average backyard.

Why You Need Oasis Tree Management for Tree Pruning or Removal Work in Brisbane and Surrounds

Brisbane, South Brisbane and Logan communities can benefit from the professionalism and expertise of Oasis Tree Management. We provide incredible tree pruning and tree removal solutions to restore unhealthy trees or remove specimens with the correct licensing and approval in place.

Call us today on 07 5546 3958 for a free quote.

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