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The process of Tree removal is arduous. You require the assistance of those who are familiar with the risks and labour associated with it. It is not just about chopping down a tree, but you also need to address the debris from the fallen tree, to avoid future complications or even toxicity in some cases. This is why you need Oasis Tree Removal experts to help you.

What is the Tree Removal cost in Brisbane, on the Southside?

A nominal estimation of Tree removal cost in Brisbane could be anywhere between $350 and $6000 + GST or more. However, this cost is contingent on several factors that must be taken into account while removing the massive structure. The tree removal cost in Brisbane South-side depends on the following factors:

Tree size

This is a primary factor to take into account in tree removal cost. The larger the tree, the longer it takes to chop it into smaller pieces. The number of manpower required is also more. Then there is the equipment needed and the process of recycling the waste. Therefore, the tree removal cost is more for larger trees than those of small trees and shrubs.

Tree Species

While the green waste from most trees is recyclable, some cannot be used as mulch or beautification purposes in the garden. Sometimes, the debris may even be toxic, affecting the price for removal.

Condition of the Tree

If the tree is old or decaying, the arborists are unable to climb the tree or use ropes to secure the branches and trunk due to accidental hazards. They are required to use cranes, platforms, or cherry-pickers to access the tree from all angles and heights. They have to take extra efforts to ensure that no parts of the tree fall without proper anchoring. All this extra equipment and labour will affect the tree removal cost.
You may incur an estimated $1000-2000 in additional charges in the tree removal cost if the tree is old or decaying.


As the process of tree removal poses a certain amount of risk, it is pivotal that you hire someone who is an experienced professional with insurance for liabilities that may arise.
In urban areas, there isn’t enough space to fell a tree. Instead, the ground staff must collaborate with the tree-climbers to safely cut it down without any accidental damage to people or property. The required number of manpower greatly depends on the tree’s size, condition, and location, which adversely affects the tree removal cost.

Area of access to the tree

If the tree is easily accessible, the tree removal cost will be lower. However, a tree growing in inaccessible locations such as a slope, on the river, or a retaining wall this will pose more difficulty. The Arborists may require special equipment for removal in these cases, affecting the tree removal cost.

How to get Tree removal near me?

You can call us at Oasis tree management, and our Tree Removal Brisbane Southside professionals will remove the tree from your property with great care and caution. We will also ensure that all remaining debris is cleared off your property and recycled or disposed of safely.

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