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Arborists providing tree removal services for property owners in Brisbane Southside and surrounds

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Removing, pruning or clearing trees on your Brisbane property?

Oasis Tree Management will provide you with an obligation free quote, helpful advice and fit in with your schedule.

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Oasis Tree Management are Located in Logan on Brisbane’s Southside. We service Brisbane, Logan & Northern GC suburbs for:

By Choosing Oasis Tree Management you are selecting a qualified arborist – a professional in the practice of Arboriculture (the cultivation and management of trees, shrubs etc). Arborist’s go through training to become qualified in tree removal and maintenance to Australian standards, focusing on the health and safety of a tree.

A tree lopper, on the other hand, doesn’t have any formal training or qualifications and is generally only concerned with cutting the tree down. At Oasis Tree Management we believe that the trees on your Brisbane property are an asset that need to be managed correctly. Whether it’s tree pruning, stump grinding or tree removing, we are committed to adhering to national standards by working with insured and qualified professionals, while remaining affordable.

Emergency Storm Damage Call Out Service. If a tree on your Brisbane property has been affected by bad weather please call Oasis Tree Management immediately and we will assist you to the best of our ability. Storm Damage Service is available 7 days a week. To obtain a quick quote on any of our tree services, give Bruce or Kate a call today!


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  • We answer our phones and turn up on time.
  • We ALWAYS clean up after ourselves.
  • We don’t just want to see all trees removed and will give you options.
  • We will help you with your council application if a tree is protected.
  • Our client’s say we’re professional, helpful & competitive.

Qualified Arborists | Fully Insured to 20 Million | Family Owned and Operated | 7 Days a Week



Is there a tree at your home or rental property that is causing you grief? Oasis Tree Management’s tree removal services may be the solution.


An old tree stump left in your front yard, garden or back yard is pretty useless! Not to mention potentially pest harbouring. Why not remove it?



Leaves in your gutters, damage to your roof, debris in your yard; all signs that your trees need to be pruned. Don’t have them butchered, have them pruned correctly to Australian standards and allow them to flourish.