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Confused by the number of tree service companies in Brisbane? How do you know which tree team really fits your needs? Whether loppers or arborists, tree surgeons or doctors?

To be completely honest, each title refers to the same action of tree cutting, removal and maintenance. However, an Arborist is a professional in the practice of Arboriculture (the cultivation and management of trees, shrubs etc).

Arborist’s go through training to become qualified in tree removal and maintenance to Australian standards, focusing on the health and safety of a tree. A tree lopper on the other hand, doesn’t have any formal training or qualifications and is generally only concerned with cutting the tree down.

When organising tree services in Brisbane, to protect the wellbeing of your property, home and trees you should engage with a tree management company who employs qualified Arborists and is fully insured. Simply phone us today 07 5546 3958.


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