Terms of Trade

These are the standard Terms of Trade for Oasis Tree Management. When you accept a quote offered by Oasis Tree Management, it will be on these terms unless otherwise agreed upon in writing by both parties.

Quote validity period

Quotes provided by Oasis Tree Management are valid for 30 days.

Acceptance of quote

All quotes will be sent to the customer via email and acceptance will be notified by return email or written document of acceptance of the quote and terms and conditions.

Payment terms

Payment terms are strictly C.O.D (collect on delivery). When Oasis Tree Management’s service has been carried out as per the agreed quote payment is to be made by eftpos, EFT, credit or cash unless otherwise agreed upon by both parties before commencement of work.


Where any amount remains outstanding 30 days past invoice due date which is not disputed by a payment schedule, the customer will be liable to pay the actual costs of collection (including solicitor costs).

Oasis Tree Management Responsibilities

Oasis will:

Undertake tree removal and maintenance work in a proper and competent manner and in accordance with the written quote and specifications which define the scope of works;
Carry appropriate public liability insurance up to 20 million dollars;
Ensure compliance by its employees with Health and Safety requirements;
Endeavour to complete works in a timely and efficient manner, subject to weather conditions, unknown conditions of tree impacting climber safety and it’s competing business demands;
Keep the customer informed at all times on the progress of the work to the completion of works.
Tree Pruning works carried out by Oasis Tree Management will be to
Tree Pruning and removal work to be carried out by Cert III Arborist

Customer Responsibilities

Provide Oasis Tree Management with all relevant information affecting the worksite including, any VPO (protection orders) on trees in property, planning or regulatory restrictions, any underground pipes that may be at risk if stump grinding is required;
Where the customer is not the owner of the tree (neighbours tree), they shall obtain relevant approval/agreement from tree owner before any work is carried out;
Where the customer is not the owner of the property (rental), they must obtain relevant approval/agreement from the property owner. They must also inform Oasis Tree Management of who is responsible for payment and provide relevant contact information before work is carried out;
Where the customer requires extra work to be carried out while Oasis Tree Management is still working on site, any added costs must be agreed upon and approval sent via email or written document before completion.


No variation of these terms shall be allowed otherwise than by written agreement by both parties;
Where the completion of the contract works becomes impossible or impractical due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of the parties, then either party may give notice to cancel the contract and Oasis Tree Management shall be entitled to payment for works completed until date of cancellation;
Personal information – Any personal information given by the customer to Oasis Tree Management must be kept private, unless agreed upon in writing. The personal information must only be used for the purpose for which it was given and Oasis Tree Management shall ensure that all private information is stored and used in accordance with its confidentiality policy.
All quotes with clearly identify the cost of service and GST amount.
The customer agrees that Oasis Tree Management may use their email to communicate updates and the advertising of news from time to time.

Dispute Resolution

If a dispute arises between the customer and Oasis Tree Management both parties must act in good faith to resolve the dispute co-operatively and as soon as possible.

If the dispute is not resolved in 7 working days, it may be referred to mediation by either party.

For questions relating to our terms of trade please email admin@oasistreemanagement.com.au

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