Services are carried out by cert III Aborists who are trained in tree management techniques under Australian Standards.


Oasis Tree Management is fully insured to 20 million dollars. Download our public liability certificate Here.

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Our Brisbane Tree Services

Our tree services are carried out by certified Arborists Brisbane southside are trained in correct removal, pruning and management techniques under Australian Standards. This means that when you choose Oasis Tree Management, you are choosing a company that will ensure your trees and property are looked after. Pruning, tree lopping Brisbane southside or removing your trees can be the best solution to prevent your gardens from becoming unmanageable, untidy and a problem for your Brisbane home.

About Oasis Tree Management

Oasis Tree Management provide tree removal and pruning services for homeowners, real estates and property developers in Brisbane Southside, Logan and surrounding suburbs.

Formed by Cert III Arborist, Bruce Herlihy, in 2014, Oasis Tree Management have now worked with many Brisbane property owners, business owners, developers and local council to provide a safe solution when removing or pruning trees in Brisbane and surrounds.

We work seamlessly with local council to ensure that any native trees on your property that you may want removed, are not protected, ensuring that you are never liable for damaging a tree you were not supposed to.

We provide free quotes, 7 days a week and will always do our best to fit in with your schedule and personal requirements.

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Tree Removal & Lopping Brisbane Southside.

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Tree Removal Services by Oasis Tree Management Brisbane

All you need to know about the process!

So, you need to have a tree removed at your Brisbane South property? Perhaps one that was planted years ago has grown too high and is too much to maintain… Or maybe you have a tree interfering with your house, gutters, solar panels or renovations?

What ever the case may be, if you haven’t had a tree removed at your property before we understand the process may be a little overwhelming when you don’t know what is involved, from the cost to the law and all the considerations in between.

Some things to consider when removing a tree…

Is the tree on your property Brisbane Southside?

For a start you need to ensure the tree is in fact on your property. We can’t remove or lop trees outside your boundary/fence line. These are council trees and can only be maintained by council contractors.

Is the tree a large native that may be protected?

Gum trees, Poinciana’s, Fig trees and other significant vegetation might be protected, even if it is on your property. This isn’t always the case, but it’s important to be familiar with council law before removing significant vegetation in Brisbane (we’ve got more information here).

palm tree removal brisbane

How much money will tree removal cost?

The cost of tree removal is a hard question to answer without doing on onsite inspection of the tree in question. We are often asked ‘what’s a ball park figure to remove a palm tree, or a gum tree etc?’ Most of the time we won’t be able to give you this information over the phone as when it comes to pricing the removal of a tree we consider:

– The height and canopy
– The location
– Whether it can be felled from the ground or needs to be climbed
– The health of the tree (is it safe to be removed or is it dead/dying?)
– The access to the tree
– The ease of removal (e.g. is it in an empty paddock or next to a house in a narrow walkway)

The good news is our tree quotes are free! Simply call Kate or Bruce 07 5546 3958 to book in your onsite inspection and we can provide you with all the information needed – for free.

Do you really need an Arborist?

The short answer is no. It’s not required by law to use an Arborist to remove a tree from your property, however, we think it is best practice! Arborist’s go through extensive training to become specialists in the management of trees. They are trained in correct pruning methods, disease prevention, maintenance and care.

It’s comparable to sending your car to a licenced mechanic, or someone who has taught themselves how to fix a car. Both may get the job done with no problems, but it comes down to that extra peace of mind, ensuring you are being looked after by a registered, insured professional!

What is stump grinding?

Stump grinding is on optional service we provide after your tree has been removed. When removing a tree, we cut the barrel at the base of a tree, just above ground level leaving a stump. We can then get rid of the stump completely by grinding it down below ground level using a machine called a stump grinder.

The benefits of stump grinding are that it:

– Frees up space in your yard
– Looks good
– Removes a potential hazard when mowing
– Avoids attracting unwanted pests

Is tree lopping the same as pruning?

Tree lopping is essentially the practice of cutting off the limbs of a tree. Meaning it’s not completely incorrect to refer to the term lopping. However, tree lopping is not best practice.

When an Arborist prunes a tree, they use the guidelines of ‘Australian Standards 4373-2007 Pruning of Amenity Trees’. Ensuring that a tree is pruned to promote healthy growth.

Incorrectly pruning a tree or ‘tree lopping’ can open the tree up to decay and disease and leave the structure dangerous.

For tree removal, pruning and more call Oasis today on 07 5546 3958

What our clients say…

Oasis Tree Management, were competitive, organised and professional. They arrived on time to do the quote and to do the job! It was finished as agreed! Highly recommended for a quality service in tree removal! Do it once and do it right … seems to be their motto!

Sharon Meredith

We had others come out to quote who had nowhere near the level of professionalism of Bruce and his team and were going to charge a lot more. Especially given the comparison against everyone else we met along the way, these guys were brilliant!

Kevin Lutvey

Great service. thanks very much to Kate for the initial organising of the quote (very prompt) and to Bruce and the guys for the work (also prompt). Very reasonable cost, guys turned up at arranged time and job well done. Could not ask for more. Thanks

Andrew W

This is the first time that I have used Oasis Tree Management. I must say I was very impressed with their very professional attitude right from quote to completion. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone! Thank you once again to the team for their outstanding work.

Akila Pinto

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