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Tree Lopping

Oasis Tree Management can discuss your tree lopping requirements and provide the correct solution for your budget, your trees and your property.

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Why is Tree Lopping different to Tree Removal and Pruning by Brisbane Arborists?

Tree lopping is often something that is carried out in Brisbane by inexperienced operators. It is seen as a quick fix and while it is the cheap solution it could end up costing you more money in the long run. Inexperienced tree lopping usually involves removing more than half of the tree’s foliage. The loss of this much foliage can cause a tree to go into shock which then causes new growth to start to try and help compensate for the lack of food which is essential for the tree’s survival.

The canopy of trees also help protect the tree from sunburn as leaves absorb the sunlight and tree lopping removes the protective canopy. Excessive amounts of sunlight, especially in our Brisbane climate, could damage the tree’s trunk and branches. So, just like we use sunscreen to protect ourselves and our family when we go outside, our trees also have their own form of protection – their leaves and branches.

When a tree is pruned correctly, the tree is biologically equipped to seal the wound over a period of time. When a tree has been lopped, a cut is made midway along a branch which causes a stub, the tree is often unable to cover the cut made causing the heartwood to be exposed and it will eventually decay. This makes the tree dangerous and is at risk of damaging cars, buildings or even risking the lives of people.

Tree lopping is considered to be an unacceptable pruning practice in Brisbane, and as such, any tree found to have been lopped which causes damage from the failure of a limb, can lead to negligence charges in the court of law. Why risk it?

Any reduction should be performed by a qualified professional like Oasis Tree Management, as we can ensure the job will be done right and won’t cause any loss to the natural form of the tree.

If you are considering tree lopping on your Brisbane property, call the experts at Oasis Tree Management and let us ensure the job is done to suit your property, your budget and your trees!

“My Mum used this company last Tuesday, not only did they treat my Mother with the utmost respect, the guys did an awesome job. I would **highly** recommend them for any work you need done. The guys remove 8 palm trees & when they had finished, you honestly couldn’t tell they had been in the yard. Brilliant job guys, again thank you so very very much. *****”

Michele Payne

Logan, Brisbane.

Is your tree suffering from storm damage?

We provide an Emergency Storm Damage Call Out Service. If a tree on your property has been affected by rough weather please call us on 07 5546 3958 and we will assist you to the best of our ability. Storm Damage Service is available 7 days a week.

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