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Land Clearing and Tree Removal for Brisbane Property Developers

As a property developer one of the main issues you might face with a plot of land are trees. However, if you have permission from the council, Oasis Tree Management can make the process of tree removal and land clearance as pain-free as possible.

Tree removal in Brisbane – Clearing the path for construction

When it comes to small lots in Brisbane, as a property developer you want the land cleared fast, efficiently and cost effectively.

Land clearing is basically the removal of all plant life in the area. Oasis Tree Management will remove all obstacles to building, this includes tree removal, stump removal and vegetation being taken away.

All our tree removal is done under the strict code, as determined by the council. You will never be fined or penalised for any work undertaken by Oasis Tree Management.

Tree removal in Brisbane – So you can extend your home

Thinking of adding an extension but have large trees in the garden. Our tree removal service in Brisbane can ensure you are able to use the space the way you want to.

Do you need a permit? Call Oasis Tree Management today, we can advise you on the protocol for tree removal.

When you need to push your construction project ahead, call Oasis Tree Management for tree removal and land clearance in Brisbane. 07 5546 3958.

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