Are the trees on your property protected by local council?

You may have heard some news lately about protected vegetation in Brisbane and might have a few questions. In this post, we’ll discuss what protected vegetation is, which plants fall under the category, and what it means for homeowners looking to clear out trees and brush from their property.

What is Protected Vegetation?

In 2003, the Brisbane City Council passed the Natural Assets Local Law (NALL) which designated certain native plants and natural assets as protected. The law protects trees especially, and covers the tree’s trunk, canopy, foliage, flowers, and roots. There are four main categories of natural assets protected:

Council Vegetation
All vegetation on land owned, controlled or occupied by the Brisbane City Council. This includes trees along streets, trees in public parks and other Council areas.

Waterway and Wetland Vegetation
The mapped wetlands and waterways are vital to delivering quality water to the population. For this reason, any and all vegetation along these waterways are protected by the NALL.

Significant Native Vegetation
Any native vegetation not deemed a pest is protected if it is part of the designated natural areas. The NALL covers vegetation from small grasses to trees.

Significant Urban Vegetation
Any vegetation on private property that has history, is a part of the landscape, or brings value to the community is protected.

What Does It Mean for You?

If you live in a designated protected area or have protected trees on your property that you would like removed, you can contact the Council to see if your property might be exempt or if you need to file a permit. They are willing to work with homeowners and will even send out a surveyor to look at the tree to determine whether it falls under protected categories.

After you have the Council’s approval, give Oasis Tree Management a call at 07 5546 3958, and we’ll provide a free quote for your removal project.

If you require assistance is contacting council please let us know and we can help you.

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