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When you are managing a retirement village, first and foremost the safety and comfort of your residents is paramount.

As a property manager in a retirement home you might have beautiful trees and a picturesque landscape on the grounds for your residents to walk around. If you do have trees on your grounds, you will need to include a tree services company as part of your regular maintenance.

Regular tree maintenance is essential

Trees are beautiful, they provide shade, shelter and add a touch of nature to a property. However, if not properly maintained those beautiful trees might become more of an issue.

Tree lopping in Brisbane – Safety first

Without regular tree lopping the branches on your trees can become over grown and ugly, not to mention a safety hazard. Especially during storm season, loose and old branches can easily cause damage to property, and even worse people.

Tree Pruning can cut down on costs in the long-run

If done correctly tree pruning can strengthen the trees structure, however if you leave it to an amateur, you might weaken the tree which could in turn void any insurance claim should the tree cause any damage.

Tree pruning also assists with minimising issues from leaves falling. Should trees over hang the property you need to be mindful that if not properly maintained those leaves can block your gutters and cause costly issues later down the track.

What sort of issues are caused if we don’t include tree pruning in our regular maintenance?

Blocked gutters are a fire hazard, and an insurance company won’t pay out if this is the case.
Blocked gutters mean moisture is trapped in the roof, if any of the leaves get through into the roof cavity this can leave it structurally unsound, and again, this would not be covered by

If your gutters are blocked you might notice the overflow of water running off the roof into one area. If the water continually pools in this area, you run the risk of it getting into the foundations and causing structural issues.

All the above issues are avoidable with regular tree pruning, so are not covered by insurance, this would mean those costly issues would come out of the resident’s pockets.

Tree removal done properly

Tree removal may also be needed should you want to build accommodation and the land needs to be cleared, or simply because the tree has become a nuisance and safety hazard. Either way Oasis Tree Management will consult with you to find out the best option available for your needs.
Do you have a tree stump that people are tripping on, or is it constantly in the way? Our stump grinding service can remedy that for you.

Tree removal, tree lopping, tree pruning – You have options

At Oasis Tree Management, we like to consult with our clients, in some cases we can save them money should we be able to achieve their desired outcome in a more cost-effective way.
Call us today, we are expert arborists in Brisbane that have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the best service possible. 07 5546 3958

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