Oasis Tree Management offer specialised tree care services for Brisbane Southside and surrounding suburbs, Logan City including Logan Village, Jimboomba and Browns Plains and surrounding suburbs

We live and breathe trees and are qualified in tree removal and maintenance to Australian Standards. Our primary focus is on the health and safety of trees and tree care starts well before you plant the tree in the soil!

Here, Oasis Tree Management offer some tips for Brisbane homeowners and business owners on how to care for your trees, so you get to enjoy them for many, many years.
Choose the right tree

Before you plant any trees, be sure you have done your research and spoken with industry professionals to ensure the tree you are about to plant will best suit its environment.

Find a healthy specimen

If you have a decision on the right tree for your home or business, be sure to select a healthy specimen that has every chance of survival.
Avoid trees that are root bound, diseased or have parts that are dehydrated or dying.

Plant well

Be sure you give the tree every chance of survival by planting as per the nurseries instructions. Different trees thrive in different soil conditions so it is important to give it the best start and water it in well once planted.


All living things need water to survive and trees are no different. Depending on the species of tree will determine how much and how often it should be watered to help it thrive.


Once the tree is planted, add a good layer of mulch to ensure vital moisture is retained, weeds are reduced and nutrients are able to make their way to roots of the tree.


Always cut back to a lateral branch to help prevent stem decay and misdirected growth. Incorrect pruning techniques can result in the tree becoming weakened and fragile.

Watch for pests and diseases

Trees can be susceptible to pests and diseases that can weaken the tree and eventually cause it to die. Be sure to regularly check your trees and treat if you notice a pest infestation or disease.

If you are looking for advice on the health and safety of your trees, call Brisbane’s trusted specialist tree services company, Oasis Tree Management on 07 5546 3958

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