Why Choose an Arborist?

Brisbane Southside Tree Removal Professionals.

Arborists are an individual who have a professional qualification in the art and science of planting, growth cultivation, caring for and maintaining trees. They have studied reactions to pruning, tree diseases, decay and surgery. Arborists understand trees and take care of the overall health of a tree.

Oasis Tree Management on the Brisbane Southside are specialists in tree removal, tree pruning, tree maintenance, stump grinding, land clearing and providing A grade forest mulch. More importantly we have a fully qualified Arborist on our team.

Having a trained professional giving you advice on your tree care and tree maintenance is an investment into the future health of your trees. Beautiful, healthy trees can add tremendous value to your property, provide shade and be a place for families to play under.

Poorly maintained trees can not only be an eye sore but can be downright dangerous with decay and falling branches.

Tree pruning and tree removal, especially of large trees, can be hazardous work and should only be done by a qualified Arborist or a tree lopper under the guidance of an Arborist who understands trees and is ultimately working to save the tree where possible.

Some unethical and untrained tree lopping companies will unnecessarily remove a tree even if it is healthy, due to lack of knowledge or to simply get paid.

Having a fully qualified Arborist on our team of professionals at Oasis Tree Management means our clients benefit from our ethical and extensive knowledge of tree care and tree maintenance.

Our Arborists can give consultations that will help to determine which correct tree services may be necessary rather than simply cutting down the tree.

Call Oasis Tree Management on 07 5546 3958 and experience the difference of talking to a qualified Arborist.

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