There are many reasons you may need to remove the trees near a fenceline at your Brisbane property

Some of the main reasons Oasis Tree Management have been hired to remove trees from a fenceline have been:

  • To replace a damaged or old weathered fence
  • To install a fence around the boundary of a new purchased property
  • To eliminate risk of damaged/dying trees falling onto a fence or the neighbours property
  • To remove an already fallen tree from a fence
  • To settle a dispute with a neighbour regarding a tree impacting their property (either by falling debris, roots travelling under the fence or branches causing damage to the fence)

Pictured below is a squence of images from a fence clearing job completed for a client in Logan City. The original fence was falling down in places, making it unsafe as both property owners had dogs that could potentially escape through the damaged sections of the fence.

Along the fenceline were 4 trees needing to be removed and stump ground to make room for the new large colour bond fence that would provide privacy and security for the property owners.

Oasis Tree Management completed the job safely and quickly as the fence was being installed around us on the same day.

If you are getting a new fence and require a qualified and insured tree removal specialist to give you a quote in Brisbane – Please give Oasis Tree Management a call today on 07 5546 3958 and we will be more than happy to organise an quote free of charge!

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