Tree Management by Brisbane Southside Arborists: To Prune or Not To Prune

Sometimes when our lives get really busy the garden is the first thing to feel neglect. Our trees and gardens become overgrown and the leaf litter lying around makes our homes look untidy.

Tree pruning can bring back your trees to a more manageable state but should be done by a qualified Arborist who will use correct pruning techniques so as not to weaken and damage the tree. Pruning is also a trees best defence against pests and diseases so it makes sense to keep them healthy.

Oasis Tree Management have fully qualified Arborists to take care of tree pruning and here, we share some advice on what trees to prune:

  • Visibly damaged trees
  • Trees that have dying areas
  • Trees that have rubbing or crowded limbs
  • Trees that are in the way of a planned construction, renovation or extension
  • Trees that are clogging gutters
  • Trees that are dropping branches
  • Trees that are obstructing light getting into the home
  • Storm damaged trees

Do not prune trees that are newly planted or disease susceptible trees during active transmission periods or trees that have overgrown onto powerlines. Our qualified Arborist will safely prune trees that are causing issues with powerlines.

If you have trees in your Brisbane yard that have become unmanageable, call Oasis Tree Management today. We specialise in tree removal and pruning of large trees, restoring tidy and safe gardens for Brisbane residents.

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