Tree bark. As unique as we are.

Tree bark is the outermost layer covering the trunk, branches and stems of a tree.

Bark provides protection from harmful external factors such as strong winds, disease and animals that would likely try to consume it.

Bark consists of an inner bark and an outer bark. The inner bark is living tissue, whilst the outer bark is mostly comprised of dead tissue.

Different species of trees produce attractive and interesting bark colours and textures that make them unique, just as our fingerprint makes us unique from any other human.

Some types of bark have thorns, some have cones, some peel off the tree, some have scaly plates, holes or patterns.
The colours and textures of bark can vary widely and since the dawn of time, tree bark has been used to make anything from cloth, to canoes to ropes.

Other interesting facts about tree bark are:

  • Some bark extracts are believed to counteract ailments such as heart disease, asthma and high blood pressure.
  • Tree bark can be as thin as a piece of paper or up to two feet thick.
  • Some barks have chemicals within it to ward off pests and fungi.
  • Barks protects trees from disease and from drying out.
  • The texture of a trees bark can vary and change as it gets older.

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