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An attractive garden or landscape is the pride and joy of any beautiful house. In order to maintain a scenic landscape, you need to prune the trees with care and caution to maintain healthy growth. However, the constant upkeep to ensure a healthy lawn is quite a challenge for a modern household. Perhaps, that’s why you’ve been looking for the best tree pruning near me to help you. If yes, you’ve found the right guide, read on!

Trees feel the effects of overgrowth and stress. They need to be trimmed and pruned from time-to-time to ensure that any unnecessary appendages or unhealthy decay are cut off. But, tree pruning must be done with utmost care as pruning too often can cause stress to the natural development of the tree. They could lose their vigour or even begin to die.

This is why it is pivotal that tree pruning is done by someone familiar with botany and arboriculture. It is always best to hire a professional facility to prune the trees in your lawn or backyard. These professionals are highly trained in cutting only the unnecessary sections while maintaining safety from any falling branches and appendages.


When should you consider pruning your trees?


In forests, wild trees can grow to be naturally healthy. This is because there is limited stress from the added pollution and toxicity. However, in an urban setting, the trees are in a constant battle with man-made abnormalities in the environment. Therefore, they require special care and conditioning to grow healthy and strong.

Just like a human body, trees must be checked occasionally for any ailments or stress. Changes in weather conditions, insect infestations, and overgrowth can cause the trees to start wilting or dying. If you see the following phenomena in your landscape, then it is time to call in reinforcements for tree pruning Brisbane Southside:

Dead branches

As trees grow, some odd branches may lose their affinity to interact with the natural process of osmosis. They begin to die, and so do the other branches around them. This could be hazardous for the tree, as well as your family members and pets. This is because the dead branches could fall out and seriously hurt someone. That is why it is very important to regularly prune the trees in your landscape to avoid accidents and injuries.

Broken Limbs

Yes, trees can have broken limbs too. They are the primary diseased branches that grow from the main trunk. Just like in humans, an ailing tree limb can also cause the tree to wither and weaken. Therefore, if you notice such an anomaly, it is time to have it pruned and removed to save the tree.

Improper penetration of light and air

It is also necessary that the trees in your landscape receive an adequate amount of sunlight and natural air. Sometimes, if a tree grows too tall or in improper shapes and configurations, it can result in a lack of natural resources for other shrubs and trees around it. Not to mention, if the crown of the tree doesn’t get enough exposure to light and air, it may wilt. Hence, it is important to prune the tree and promote healthier and steadier growth for it and those around it.

Tree wounds

Open wounds in trees cause pathogens to take effect. If you see an open wound on your tree, make sure to have that area pruned in order to avoid the disease from spreading to the rest of the tree. Some tree diseases may even induce allergy-like symptoms in humans and pets.

Branches growing too close to each other.

Tree branches need space to grow freely. If the branches begin to grow too close to each other, they may cause entanglement and thereby restrict the flow of natural resources. They may also rub against each other, which causes friction and therefore, dryness. This could be a fire hazard. Thus, you must always have these branches pruned, so they grow in their own space without causing any threat to the trees or the residents nearby.

Entangling into overhead wires

This is a serious concern as tall trees may get entangled with wires causing power shortages, damaging phone-lines, and even cause electrical fires. It is a health hazard for both the tree and the environment. Therefore, it is imperative to prune the trees and maintain a safe height and form for them.


What are the benefits of pruning your trees?


Tree pruning actually helps in the total upkeep of your landscape as well as the environment in Brisbane Southside. Here are a few benefits of tree pruning:

• It helps in correcting the tree’s structure and growth.
• It prevents entangling in over-head wires, fire hazards, accidents due to free-falling branches, etc.
• It keeps away infestations by termites and other wood-bearing insects that eventually make their way into the house.
• Tree pruning ensures better foliage, fruits, and flowers on the trees.
• Maintains a healthier look of your overall landscape.

How much can you safely prune your trees?


Studies show that it is safe to prune about 25% of the tree at a given time. Anything more than that can cause stress and weakness. Pruning the trees, a little bit at a time, from an early stage will make them grow with proper structure in the right direction. Therefore, it is safer to prune your trees at regular intervals, ideally before the spring season, to ensure better foliage and a healthy canopy.


How Oasis can help you with tree pruning Brisbane Southside?


If you’ve been searching for Tree pruning near me in order to keep the landscape healthy and well-maintained, all you have to do now is to contact us and speak to our team here at Oasis Tree Management about your needs.

Our expert arborists will come by and diagnose the parts of your trees that may be ailing or dying. With careful consideration, they will trim and prune your landscape to ensure that it looks healthy and full of life. We are just a call away, contact us today!

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